Dandelion Destiny

A big ole fire cloud has emerged from Mt. Volcano! If someone doesn't do something, it's going to rain fire all over the village. Not good!

It's up to Mushwiz, an expert in the ancient art of Dandelion Magick, to enter the volcano and use his powers to save the village...


  • Use the arrows keys to move.
  • Press to jump.
  • Press X while aiming in a direction to shoot your dandelion seeds. They will bloom into a dandelion if they hit a wall.
  • Press X while aiming down to plant your seeds in the ground. Jump to make them bloom.
  • Hold Z while airborne to hover.


A game by Guillermo Tapia and Sean Wejebe.


Made September 2022 for GB Jam 10.

Font: Dogica by R. Mocci.

Colors: Bumble Bee from Lospec.

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