A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Ride the rails of hell...
Deliver our unholy transmission...
Godspeed Ghosty...
Forgive and Forghost...



Help Ghosty deliver messages back and forth between hell and a ouija board. Suffer through some hellish third-person rail-riding, grinding to and fro from node to node, tower to tower, will it ever end???

Ghosty Gameplay 1


Steven Li - Inventor of the world's first hell-proof camera, DJ of the underworld, Summoner of particles

Chloe "Let's Make It Playable" Lister - Architect of hell, De-densifier of nodes, Shaker of text, and Post-Processing Protector

Brendan LoBuglio - Ghosty's personal grindfeel engineer and Meta structuralist, but Forgot his toothbrush

Sean Wejebe - Wardrobe stylist, Hell generation, Head of wotl relations

Made for Global Game Jam 2018 // theme: Transmission.


(You can find these in the game as well)

Arrow keys/Mouse: Look around (Very important!)

A/D: Rotate ghosty to highlight your next rail

Space: Grind into your currently highlighted rail

Q: Get an aerial view of hell (Very useful!)

Esc: Quit to menu/quit game


! None of the songs used are ours but: here they are !

I'll Be There For You by The Rembrandts

Stretch Your Face by TOBACCO

Honey Please, Can't Ya See by Barry White

A Modern Vampire by Casey James And The Staypuft Kid

Spooky Scary Skeletons


ForgiveAndForghost_Mac.zip 49 MB
ForgiveAndForghost_PC.zip 42 MB


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What a fun concept! :D
I wish the conversation was longer, since I liked where it was going ( although I didn't have enough time to read the 4th message, it was too long and it disappeared too fast)
Also, the slowed versions of the songs used where so fun to hear.

awww thanks for playing!! i'm glad you enjoyed the convo, sorry it was cut a bit short! and yeah the music is aMaZiNg glad you enjoyed it

Deleted 1 year ago

...WOW i can't believe you actually got to the end that's amazing!! thanks for playing and for making the video ~ 👻