You're just takin' a quick snoozle!

Click, trace, and drag your way through 14 levels!

Played in browser with your mouse!


Made in October 2021 for Ludum Dare 49: Unstable.

Art & Animation by Jim Quinn.

Music by Tine Schenck.

Design & Code by Sean Wejebe.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Authorswedgiebee, turnipwizard
TagsColorful, Cute, Dreams, Ludum Dare 49, psychedelic, Relaxing, Surreal
LinksLudum Dare


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What a neat little game! The concept is so fun, the art and music fit so well together, and the game design so thoughtful! Also, I'm no programmer, but I imagine that the execution here is really clean because nothing I came across felt buggy or particularly clunky. I followed you from VimJam2 (I adored Skeeter, by the way; definitely one of my absolute favorites from that jam), so I'm really impressed you were able to whip up another game right away, especially one with so many levels! Congrats to the team!


Hey!!! :) Thanks for checking it out and glad you enjoyed it! Yeah vim jam was fun!! Ghost game was cool :) (and of course that CLIPBOARD haha). Thanks again for playing ~


This is really cute!! Great vibes :)

Unfortunately I wasn't able to play through all the levels since I got stuck partway through, but I absolutely adore the concepts/mechanics, visuals, and music (^w^)!!


Yay thanks for checking it out!! Glad you liked it ~

For the part where you got stuck, do you remember if you couldn't figure out how to keep going, or did it seem like the game got stuck in an impossible state?


To be honest, I'm not quite sure. It was one of the puzzles where you had to guide the ball to a bed, and I thought I had figured out the answer, but there was a point where the ball was dragged the exact opposite of where I thought it was going, and I couldn't find a way to block it. I'll try to take a screenshot or record what I'm talking about later today if that helps :)

It's most likely that the game is running fine, and I just wasn't able to figure it out on my first playthrough. I apologize in advance if that turns out to be the case!


Ahhh got it!! No worries no need for the screenshot, even the description was helpful enough :) And no worries it's super useful to find out when a certain part is balanced in a way that makes it harder to figure out!! Ty for the info!


Oh okay, well thank you so much for responding!! Once again, I really do admire this game, it's very cute (^w^)

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!!