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Thank you for this beauty.

!!! glad you enjoyed it ;)

Interesting game. I really enjoyed its relaxing vibe.

Just a question: What key is supposed to be the one for the interactions with the Player 2? It says "/", but is that the key from the num pad, the one written via shift + 7, or what? Neither of them work...

thanks for checking it out! so the "/" key that player 2 uses is (on my keyboard) the one to the left of your "right shift" key! it's the one where if you hold shift + / you get a question mark. maybe it's not on all keyboards?? sorry about that if that's the case D:

Weird... after testing, it seems the key for me is the one ABOVE the shift key, which writes "ç". xD

woaaahhh weird. yeah my bad i totally forgot that there are different types of keyboards in the world!! thanks for letting me know about this!

Glad to help! Now I'll know to bear in mind the issue about keyboards when programming, too. xP